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My First Flight Trip & Travel to Delhi-Agra-Rajasthan-Manali (Part 2)

Dec 18, 2020

Day 2 –

The next morning we woke up fresh and eager to experience Delhi. The first destination was Red Fort, a destination soaked in history. Just after entering the fort, we were greeted by the colourful market in the complex. It was full of sellers, buyers, and their curious wares. As we passed the market, and entered the main area of the fort, we were awestruck by the beauty of the place. It was so clean and well-maintained. It was like the structures inside were taking us back in time.

After spending an hour at the fort, we ventured towards the Chandni Chowk market. Chandni Chowk is a place we had heard about since childhood. So we were excited to explore it!

What’s more? We had our first breakfast in the city in Chandni Chowk!

Our next destination was Akshardham Temple, where we spent an hour. There was so much peace, aesthetic beauty in the structures, that my breath was taken away.

Next, we went to India Gate. While on the way, we got a quick look at the imposing Parliament House, different Embassy houses, residences of Central Ministers, and also the PM house.

Around afternoon, we finally reached India Gate! Finally, I was at the same hallowed grounds where the 26th January parade takes place every year. I was seized by a sense of pride and love for India. I was filled with respect and admiration for our forces.

Here we took pictures, rested for around 30 minutes, and had soft drinks. I really wanted to try the famous Chole Kulche here. But sadly, I could not find anyone selling it.

Soon the time was 3 PM, and I calculated we have only three more hours of daylight before sunset happens. But I was mistaken!

6PM is the sunset time in Assam (since it is in the North-eastern part of India).

Our driver had a good laugh at my expense. He said, “Ye Dilli hai Sir. Yaha 7:30 baje sunset hota hai”.

So we made good use of the remainder of our time, and made a dash for Rajghat. Having spent around 30 minutes there, we next moved to Qutub Minar–the magnificent monument with a height of 72.5 meters and a spiral staircase of 379 steps.

We soaked in a little more of history, clicked pictures and said adieu to the Minar around 5PM.

The next destination on our list was Sarojini Nagar Market, which is famous for its cheap, but convenient shopping options.

I had heard a lot about Sarojini from one of my friends, but to be honest, I didn’t find the items on sale to be on the cheaper side, considering the quality. I just purchased a handbag for Mummy. She too didn’t think that price matched the quality.

But by now we were all very tired. Delhi’s heat was sapping our energy faster. Compared to Guwahati, the temperatures were soaring. We were sipping water every half an hour. By 7 PM, we spoke about how tired all of us were, and decided to call it a day.

By 9 PM we reached our guest house after being stuck in a traffic snarl that lasted for about an hour. By this time, we all were very hungry . Remember, we had skipped lunch earlier in the day? While on the way to the guest house, I had called the chef of the guest house, requesting him to prepare some North Indian cuisine food for us.

To end the tiring and eventful day, we had a wholesome dinner of Dal, Sabzi, Paneer, Rice and Roti. Not to forget, the awesome Kadhi he made for us. This was the first time I had it, and I loved the creamy flavour!

Post-dinner, we discussed our plans for the next day. The plan was to start the next day as early as 8AM. The next day’s itinerary had Mathura-Vrindavan-Agra!

I spent the last 30 minutes of the day on the balcony, taking in the runway view, and went to bed with dreams of the following day! Stay tuned to read the experience of the remaining days of the trip in my upcoming blogs.

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