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My First Flight Trip & Travel to Delhi-Agra-Rajasthan-Manali (Part 1)

Dec 16, 2020

Day 1 -

It was in May of 2018 that my aunt (Mausi) called me one day. She wanted to take a trip outside our home state Assam. She was looking for suggestions of places to visit in India. Mausi and her family had never taken a flight trip before. They were really looking forward to their first flight trip! So was I. To tell you the truth, this was going to be my first flight trip too.

I was both excited and a little nervous about managing everything. So, first, we considered our options and finally zeroed in on a short 10-day trip to Delhi-Agra-Rajasthan-Manali. Now you may be wondering how Manali got a place on our list. There is an interesting story about that, but we will talk about it in another blog. For now, let’s continue this story.

Now, came the time to book the tickets. There were a total of 8 people traveling (including me). I was initially confused about managing the ticket booking of so many people! But eventually, I did everything smoothly.

My first flight trip

I’ll be honest. Waiting till 3rd July, the day of the flight, was hard! Finally, when the day arrived, we left for Guwahati airport well in advance in the morning. After reaching there, we completed all the procedures and entered the waiting area. From this area, I got a view of the runway, and other flights taking off and landing.

My heart was pounding with excitement. I just wanted to fly by this time. But can you believe what happened next? The first flight of my life was delayed by a whole 30 minutes! I guess somewhere the Gods were really testing my patience.

I had no option but to wait. We boarded the flight at 2:30 PM and after a good 25 minutes, we were finally in the air! The beautiful clouds and sky soothed me and I even caught a glimpse of the mighty Brahmaputra from up above.

How we prepared for the trip

Here is how our flight booking looked like:

1. Guwahati to Delhi – 3rd July

2. Delhi to Guwahati – 12th July

Our carrier of choice? Vistara!

Next, we needed to figure out where to stay in Delhi, how to travel, and the places to see! So, for the stay part, we booked a guest house in Dwarka. The place was close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. So, it was quite convenient for us. For traveling within the city, we got in touch with a travel agency in Delhi.

Finally, with everything set, it was time to shop for new clothes for the trip!

Wow, Delhi!

At 5:45 PM that day, our flight touched down at the national capital of India — Delhi. Compared to our Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport back home, IGI in Delhi was huge! My jaws dropped as I soaked in the beautiful ambiance of the airport and its various facilities.
By this time, our travel agent was waiting outside in the parking zone!

In no time, we were out on the roads of Delhi. But only 30 minutes later, I experienced a massive traffic jam that lasted for an hour. I realized how the scale of things in Delhi was huge. Starting from the size of the city to its traffic issues.

Finally, when we reached the guest house, I realized that the airport runway was fully visible from the balcony. My friend Akash and Arjun who were studying in Delhi at that point came to meet me at the guest house. We relaxed, chatted after a long time, and had pizza and soft drinks.

My relatives went out to experience Delhi. A long, tiring, but a very satisfying day came to an end. Stay tuned to read the experience of the next 10 days in my upcoming blogs.

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